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has anyone suggested that rich people keep writing shitty articles about millennials because the only millennials they know are their rich shitty children

Ngl I met a rich millenial once and so much clicked into place.

This guy literally inherited millions of dollars of property, but considered himself a self-made man because he also worked a job that was practically a hobby, completely unnecessary for him.

He also complained that “our generation is so entitled” - because all of his stinking rich friends just got cushy jobs at their parents’ companies. He seriously had no fucking idea that this was a thing exclusive to the rich.

So yeah, I definitely think this is 100% true. Explains the bizarre counterclaims, too, where some millenial acts like all Boomers are wealthy power brokers and no poor Boomers could possibly exist - again, it’s the filthy rich complaining about their own parents.

The reason all their millenials vs boomers bullshit is so fucking out of touch with reality is that it’s all rooted in the capitalist class bickering about each other from their own incredibly insular, clueless perspective.

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